Mailing list and contact information

For general questions and further information, join our mailing list on Google Groups.

Downloading ConceptNet 5

If you want all the data in ConceptNet for your application, you can have it! We provide the data in various forms:

  • Flat files of all the assertions in ConceptNet, in JSON, msgpack, and CSV formats. These help to make the data usable without needing specific library support.
  • A SQLite database that indexes these flat files, allowing you to search ConceptNet on your own computer.
  • A Docker image that makes the entire ConceptNet build process reproducible.


Current development of ConceptNet takes place as an open-source project of Luminoso Technologies, Inc., in collaboration with the MIT Media Lab, which provides its hosting. The code that builds and powers ConceptNet is available on GitHub.

The development of ConceptNet 5 is led by Rob Speer, a Luminoso co-founder, with contributions from several other people.